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Let's face it...some pets (children and significant others) travel better than others.  If your pup or kitten isn't feeling well once you get to the island, or if you just need a little over-the-counter help once you get here, let us know.  We carry probiotics and anti-diarrheal options for upset tummies. 

We also have anti-anxiety products that might help if your pup isn't thrilled about you leaving them alone in the rental house.  While there usually isn't one magic potion that works to give your dog immediate comfort, we do have some helpful products and tips that might help calm your pup while you're here.  See our "Anxiety on the Island" blurb under the "DETAILS" section.  

Finally, we also have organic and OTC vet-recommended goods for hot spots, fleas, sore ears, scorched paws, incontinence, dental care,  brittle or matted coats, and a host of other health stuff.  

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