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For all of you pet pup owners out there who appreciate the professional canine groups that are trying to do good in our world, we need you.  You’ll never meet more selfless people than those who work with canines in search, therapy, service, and other working fields. If you’d like to help fund equipment, training, and deployment costs, please consider rounding up your purchase to assist one of our partnered charities.  100% of your donation will go to help their cause.  Through fundraisers, product donations, and matching programs, we’re able to give back to those giving the most valuable assets of all: their time and expertise.  Thank you for your help!

To round your purchase up to donate to one of our partnered charities, look for the "Donate" field on the payment page.  

Please click on the links to find out more about our  amazing canine partners.  


For all of you USAR and SUSAR handlers that are financing your passion mostly out of your own pockets, you are my people.  Please provide me with your task force and your Canine Coordinator’s name prior to ordering.  Once confirmed, you’ll receive 25% off your order.  If you don’t see what you need (toys, vests, leashes, treats, etc.), please let me know.  If I can get it, I’ll pass along a 15% discount for special orders.

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