We Praise Our Canine Heroes

Most dogs in the U.S. are family pets who provide camaraderie and affection. We at AMI Beach & Dog Supply are passionate about dogs of all shapes and sizes. We’re dedicated to enhancing your canine pal’s soul by selling top-quality food, treats and supplies for life in general. And, being in Florida, we’re thrilled to offer great gear—such as waterproof blankets, sunscreen, floaty toys, collapsible water bowls, flotation vests, waterproof leashes—that will ensure your dog’s day at the beach will be paw-sitively awesome.

AMI Beach & Dog Supply has a sweet spot for our service and working canines, so we carry gear for those dogs that are all business. Given that, did you know that a segment of America’s canine population plays important roles in the lives of people with low vision or who are blind? These companions, called services animals, help sight-impaired individuals lead independent and productive lives.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind is one of America’s preeminent not-for-profits that provides superbly bred and trained dogs to people who are blind or visually impaired. Its dogs start off in the care of volunteers in the organization’s Early Training & Socialization Program.

As adults, these service dogs must exhibit confidence, resilience and a strong bond to the human half of the guide-dog team. Gaining these traits starts in their first weeks of life.

Volunteers in the Early Training & Socialization Program provide these much-needed stimuli in two stages. The “Pre-K” program works with puppies who are 1 to 6 weeks old. Volunteers can specialize in puppy massage or can be involved in a wide range of socialization and training of the puppies as they develop simple-yet-important skills.

The “Kindergarten” Socialization program works with puppies who are 6 to 9 weeks old. The puppies develop more advanced skills and socialization experiences. The lessons volunteers give the pups are easy to teach and highly rewarding for the volunteers and the pups.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind is in New York State’s Yorktown Heights and Patterson, and there are similar organizations across the U.S. We at AMI Beach & Dog Supply highly admire the not-for-profit organizations that do!

In addition to visiting our shop (park in our “barking” lots!) at 313C Pine Avenue on Anna Maria Island in Florida, you can also order AMI products online! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 941-713-8970 or

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