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The saying goes, "Nothing in the world is friendlier than a wet dog". And nothing smells worse.  So after a day out in this dirty, gritty, sandy, glorious world, be your own best friend and give that dog a bath.  We carry Aroma Paws dog conditioning shampoos and coat conditioning sprays that will have your dog smelling better in no time! Aroma Paws comes in amazing fragrance choices, and even comes in medicated and flea control options. 

Brushes?  Got 'em.  Nail clippers? Yep.  Poop bags? Check. 


We also carry the Earthbath line of cleansing wipes for quick puppy or kitten wipe-downs.  If the clean-up requirement extends to the surrounding carpet/floor/sofa, we can help! We have products to help with damage control: deep cleaning, deodorizing, and odor control products by Skout's Honor work fantastically! (I speak from experience on this one...)


Browse our grooming supplies below for a full-spectrum spa day both you and your pup will enjoy! 

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